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TV–I Advisory Board

Vinca Wiedemann

The Founder of the New Danish Screen Fund, a former long-time director of the prestigious National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen, and a collaborator of the most important Danish filmmakers like Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. The Copenhagen Film School allowed its students to be one of the first in the world to complete their studies not only with a film but also with a pilot of a television series.

Piodor Gustafsson

A key figure in Swedish television, he was a commissioning editor for the famous series The Bridge, among many other projects. He has previously worked as the CEO of Spark Film & TV, Programming and Commissioning Editor at SVT and as a commissioning Feature Film Consultant at the Swedish Film Institute. Today, he is the Director of Scripted Content of the largest commercial Swedish television TV4, and its digital platform C MORE.

Ben Gibson

A British producer, critic, former Head of Production at the British Film Institute, former Director of the London Film School and DFFB (German Film and Television Academy Berlin). 

Ivar Køhn

The Head of Drama at Norwegian public broadcaster NRK (also known as the ‘Scandinavian BBC’), winner of several Emmy Awards and the CEO of Rubicon, one of Norway’s largest production companies. He was the first producer in Europe to work with the then-completely unknown company Netflix on the cult series Lilyhammer. During his 10-year leadership, he has transformed Norwegian television production into one of the best in Europe. 

Leif Holst Jensen

A producer and former Dean of the Faculty of Film & Media at the Westerdals Institute in Oslo, which has won several prestigious awards under his leadership, including a Student Oscar for Best Feature Film. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies at Lillehammer University.


Radovan Síbrt, Erika Hníková, Richard Komárek, Michal Reitler,  Lukáš Franta, Tomáš Síbrt, Petr Ostrouchov, Andrea Bisconti, Radmila Pinkavová-Jirkovská,  Sára Valnohová, Kamila Zlatušková, Kateřina Tučková, Jaroslav Vážný,Adam Zbiejczuk, Martin T. Pecina and more