Interview with  Sylvia Stevens

Interview with Sylvia Stevens

This Texas-born producer and director – who’s been based in London for the last 40-plus years – wants more broadcasters to experiment, to open their minds to independent directors and to projects from around the world.

Interview with Ben Gibson

Interview with Ben Gibson

“There aren’t any original ideas,” according to Ben, who has run prestigious film schools for nearly 20 years. “Most people never start work because they’re looking for a good idea. But what’s important is to have a different idea every morning.”

Blog: Never say you have a show that hasn't been here yet - it already has, advises Markus Sterky

Blog: Never say you have a show that hasn't been here…

Author: Matej Škop In the first month that the CME Content course has been running at the Academy, we, as its students, listened to dozens of speakers. Without wanting to toot our own horn, we agreed that the lectures from CME professionals were among the most interesting: whether it was head of content development Michal Reitler, who guided us through the process of developing a subject, or creative producer Erika Hníková,…