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TV Nova is the biggest commercial television channel in the Czech Republic and is one of the most successful commercial TV channels in Europe. Launched in 1994, TV Nova was the first privately owned commercial network broadcasting throughout the Czech Republic. Shortly after its launch, it became the market leader in terms of viewership, advertising revenue, use of technology, design and graphics, marketing and PR, charity projects, and original productions. TV Nova attracts a plurality of the Czech audience through strong locally produced shows, the highest quality broadcasting technologies, and a wide choice of content through niche channels that complement TV Nova. Nova Group consists of eleven channels.
The focus on sustainability has become a big priority for our future direction. In 2021, TV Nova became a member of the UK's Albert platform and began applying sustainable production principles to reduce its carbon footprint. TV Nova has also contributed to the publication of the first Green Filmmaking Manual in the Czech Republic and is working to anchor sustainable behavior both in filming and through content within its own production.
CME has invested heavily in digital development over the past year, particularly its Voyo streaming platform that offers viewers exclusive original content. Voyo is gradually being expanded in each of CME’s countries, strengthening its position in competition with global giants.
The CEO of TV Nova is Daniel Grunt.