Blog: Don't spoil the story with the truth

Blog: Don't spoil the story with the truth

Director and producer Radovan Síbrt visited the school for young talents CME Content Academy in December. He is currently producing the cooking reality show MasterChef for Nova. Its sixth series reached its finale before Christmas, and another is on the way. "To lead a show like MasterChef, one does not need to understand cooking," says Síbrt. According to him, looking for stories for the show is much more critical.

Every contestant has something interesting, which is often something that cannot be recognized at first glance, says the producer. Therefore, Síbrt 's job is to compare the reality show to an animated series and make real people into characters with a story. “A lot of times when you're interviewing these people, you can't expect someone to say something brilliant. Your task is to find things there that will be interesting for the viewer," explains Síbrt about his work.

 As he claims, the key is to " pick up" fragments from the often complex reality and then put them together as a whole. However, the producer cautions that it is essential to omit irrelevant details, however true they may be. "Don't get carried away by reality when telling a story. Don't curse him with the truth. But it is necessary to adhere to ethical principles and not walk over corpses," he advises the students.

 Radovan Síbrt also mentions that MasterChef is a suitable platform for him to convey important messages to the masses. "I'm glad that we got a gay wedding in the prime team and framed it as a completely normal thing," he recalls of the last series, in which they organized the wedding of contestant Pavel Berky.

 Síbrt visited the students in Brno twice. He spoke in front of them about the job of a showrunner, which awaits the participants of the CME Content Academy course in the future.

Author: Matej Škop