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Blog: Producers Teach Us New Ways to Tell Old Stories

Blog: Producers Teach Us New Ways to Tell Old Stories

You can't invent anything new. But you have to be innovative enough to blow the viewer away and not just repeat the old stuff.

CME Content Academy students have heard this lesson several times in three months at the new school. The topic of the workshop led by Ben Gibson and Sylvia Stevens at the beginning of December was precisely how to find new paths in storytelling.

The two personalities from the television industry lectured for two days at the CME Content Academy to seven students about, among other things, how to develop great content for television. For example, Gibson, currently working as an independent producer, thinks that the otherwise strictly divided roles in the creative process should be more intertwined. "Good screenwriters have to think like producers and producers have to be screenwriters," he said earlier in an interview for the school's website.

According to Sylvia Stevens, it is essential to think about a subject more comprehensively than just "having a subject".

"Anyone can have a theme," says the producer. "But the key is to think about the whole process of creation: that is, about the questions — who will watch it? How much will it cost? Who will pay for it? Where are we going to distribute it?” Stevens calculates.

The students highly praised the visit of both creators. "I was thrilled by the wonderful symbiosis of both of them. We received a lot of information and new stimuli. They gave us inspiration, a new perspective on things, and skills on how to present a topic well, " says  Viktória Hodvan. "I'm glad we have the opportunity to learn from such open-minded people."

The students are currently heading for a practical internship at TV Nova, where they will spend three months and try out the various activities that can be done on television.

Author: Matej Škop