Blog: It takes a lifetime to master a craft. Start now.

Blog: It takes a lifetime to master a craft. Start now.

What can you learn during three months? With great teachers, more than you think. The students of CME Content Academy, who just finished their first trimester, can support that thesis. Since October they have had a chance to listen to great lecturers from the TV industry. What resonated with them the most?

Non-fiction is fun to create

Many new creators are fans of fiction. They dream about the script that will change the world and become a worldwide phenomenon. Sounds cool! But do you know you can reach more viewers through non-fiction formats? Don't be fooled by the term non-fiction because even non scripted shows need screenwriters, showrunners, and good storytelling. 

Pitches are important – and helpful

Rule number one: selling your script is as crucial as writing one. That's why you have to become a great seller, presenter, and biggest fan. Because if you do not believe in your idea who will? Rule number two: always be prepared! Yes, sometimes you will pitch for a TV board with a well-made presentation. But you never know when you will meet someone important, and you don't want to miss your opportunity. That's why you need to have your elevator pitch. 

Unspoken rule three: while you are preparing your pitch, you are retelling your story over and over again. That helps you find the weak spots or create a whole new storyline!

Tell simple stories – not easy ones

Use simple language. It's great that you have a broad vocabulary – but you want people to understand you. Go to your school reunion and chat with your peers. Listen to their life stories and also notice their word choices. Visit small cities, find a pub and talk with new people. Leave your social bubble. 

The same goes for your story concept. Don't go full Nolan (director Christopher Nolan)  since mind-blowing series and movies are fun, but they are not for everybody. Tell simple stories that resonate with people. Find a theme important to you and explain it to everybody. A great story is simple but not easy. 

Would you like to learn more? Well, it takes a lifetime to master a craft. But we have a shortcut for you. CME CONTENT ACADEMY is an educational program for TV NOVA and TV Markíza based on original approaches focusing on TV content, storytelling, and technology. Our doors are open to new talents. Admission for the third course begins in spring 2023, so you have plenty of time to work on your submission.

Author: Kristina Sverkunova