Unstoppable Passion: The Inspiring Journey of Natalie Kocábová Hoffmann

Unstoppable Passion: The Inspiring Journey of Natalie Kocábová Hoffmann

Czech artist Natalie Kocábová Hoffmann opens up about her life and career to CME Content Academy students Natalie is a remarkable Czech artist who recently shared her inspiring life story and career journey with students at the CME Content Academy's masterclass. Her passion for writing and creativity began at a very young age, and she never stopped pursuing it.

"When I write, I kind of lose myself. It's a vulnerable act, but also a liberating one," Natalie exclaimed with a bright spark in her eyes. Writing has always been her passion, her purpose, and her reason for being. It's the one thing that makes her feel alive. 

From a very young age, Natalie knew she wanted to write. She began to create her own stories, fascinated by her ability to shape the destinies of her characters. As she grew older, her passion for writing and creativity only intensified. She wrote her first play at the age of twelve, which she performed for family and friends in the home theatre she built with her bare hands.  

Despite her passion and talent, Natália faced a challenge early on in her career as an author. Her book of poems, "Slyšíš mě?" was published when she was just 16, but unfortunately, it didn't receive much attention or interest from readers. It has been a long battle to gain some respect from the critics, who have tended to see her only as a child of a famous singer. 

As a young adult, Natalie released 4  solo music records, wrote numerous plays, novels, and books, and worked on various projects, including her albums "Fly Apple Pie," "Hummingbirds in Iceland," and "Walking on the A-Bomb," as well as books like "Monarcha Absint," "Schola Alternativa," and "The Dark Side of Prague." She found success writing play scripts like "Na rohu světla," "Pohřeb až zítra," and "Slávy dcery," a comedic and fantastical "road movie" about the relationship between a strong father, his four daughters, and a clown. 

"Facing criticism is like weathering a storm - it can either break you or make you a better artist," Natalie declared with conviction. Throughout her career, she encountered both immense success and intense criticism. But she never let the criticism defeat her. Instead, she used it as fuel to keep growing and improving. Natália's unwavering determination and resilience are a testament to her strength as a writer and as a person. 

As she shared her story with the CME Content Academy students, Natalie's journey offered a valuable lesson for future TV professionals. She highlighted the importance of trusting in oneself, persevering through adversity, and always seeking inspiration from the world around us. Natalie's openness and honesty in discussing her successes and challenges showed that there is no formula for creative success, but rather, it's about finding and trusting in your own unique voice.

Author Veronika Trčková