The first month of the second year was marked by scripted content creation.

The first month of the second year was marked by scripted content creation.

The CME Content Academy kicked off its second year focusing on scripted content. During the first month, thirteen students devoted themselves intensively to improving their skills in creating fictional content.

They tried, for example, to write a scene for a series in half an hour under the guidance of experienced lecturers Tomáš Koňařík and Jakub Votýpka. With both lecturers, students discuss the most common mistakes authors make when writing or the importance of research.

Director Šimon Holý brought students awareness of current trends in fiction and showed them specific examples of how fiction can intersect with non-fiction genres, such as reality shows.

Táňa Zabloudilová, a cultural journalist, discussed trends in series with students and emphasized the importance of following current production.

Students go through evaluation every two weeks, where together with the director of the Television Institute Kamila Zlatušková, they assess the significance of individual subjects and space for further improvement. Their weekly schedule combines theory, practice, and self-development, maintaining the pattern from last year when students focused on non-fiction: Monday is devoted to theory, Tuesday and Wednesday to practice, and Thursday to self-development. On Thursday afternoons, a prominent speaker from CME usually visits the Television Institute.

So far, evaluations suggest that students are very satisfied with the first month of the second year. Seven of them have embarked on practical internships at TV Nova or TV Markíza, where they will gain experience and skills in the real operation of the television environment.

​-Matěj Škop-