Voyo original won the Serial Killer main award. The CCA students presented their final projects

Voyo original won the Serial Killer main award. The CCA students presented their final projects

​In the heart of the Czech Republic's second city, Brno, television and web series enthusiasts gathered for an exciting 6-day long festival. At the end of September, the city played host to a TV and web series festival Serial Killer..

 The central theme of this year's festival was Finland, a nation known for its dark humor. One standout was "Welfare Warriors," a series that brought satirical elements into a horror narrative.

The festival's founder and CEO Kamila Zlatušková emphasized Finland's reputation for dark humor. “They are considered to be the happiest country in the world, whereas they consider themselves to be the most depressing country,” Zlatušková said for Czech Radio. 

A public broadcaster also had its moment in the spotlight, presenting the gripping series "A Sense of Tumor." This emotional rollercoaster follows the journey of a medical student who unexpectedly discovers he has cancer, offering a raw and touching portrayal of the human experience.

For those seeking a lighter touch, the comedy "Bananas" delivered the laughs. The show was presented by another broadcaster. The premise contains store employees bumping into 120 kilograms of cocaine hidden in banana boxes. 

One series that garnered considerable acclaim was "The Markovič Method: Hojer" by Voyo. This drama follows a notorious murderer Ladislav Hojer who terrorized a community with a string of heinous crimes. The series' excellence was rewarded with the festival's main award, leaving a lasting impression on all who watched.

“This year we had a lot of series in the competition. We have judges from Western Europe. We want to know from them whether Czech series are competitive abroad,” Kamila Zlatušková said for Czech television. The festival was visited by 15,000 people which is the highest number in the Serial Killer’s history. 

Foreign guests and their unique know-how were appreciated by the CME Content Academy students who took a writing workshop with an Umbrella Academy writer Molly Nusbaum. The students also presented their final projects to creative producers and CME executives. 

For fans of TV and web series, Brno's festival was an unmissable event that celebrated the power of storytelling from Europe. The festival will take place next year from 24th to 29th of September. 

CME Content Academy students are really happy to have had the opportunity to experience the festival. “I appreciated the vibe of the city and plenty of opportunities to network with interesting people,” said Maggie Drahovská.

„I enjoyed comedy series and I’m happy that producers aren’t afraid of that genre. I look forward to what will be brought to viewers next year,” says Matěj Škop.

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