CME Content Academy has just welcomed new students

CME Content Academy has just welcomed new students

This summer, the advisory board conducted a three-stage admission process for the academy's study not just once, even twice. Who "was wanted"? The ideal candidate profile was clear: talented individuals with potential for television production, whether in development or production. In the end, a diverse group of students came together, and all of us are very curious about what will come of them . And who are the new colleagues that we are rooting for?

KnihyA marketing specialist who no longer wants to write ad copy but scripts.

Pes A young creator of low-budget formats who never takes a photo without a dog.

Nůžky A professional editor who left his job to become a director.

Film A high school graduate pursuing her dream, with her only creative work in audiovisual production being a promotional video for admissions - and it turned out well.

Buben A multi-talented drummer who you'll definitely notice.

Drak A foreigner who fell in love with D&D.

Oslavující ruce A director of student films for whom the most important thing is the positive impact of his work.

Filmová kamera A long-haired girl individual who has already studied documentary filmmaking and has a strong grasp of the technical side of filming.

All of them entered the first trimester this week, which is focused on non-fiction gendre. As the first experts and professionals, they met within their regular Masterclass with Lucie Perojuc, the head of the Reality & Entertainment department, and Kseniia Chorna, the creative producer from TV Markíza.

Finger crossed!Prsty do tvaru srdce

-Denisa Kubová-