Christmas Watchlist of CME Content Academy students

Christmas Watchlist of CME Content Academy students

The students of CME Content Academy are looking forward to Christmas, and many have figured out what they won't miss on the Voyo platform.

Isabela Hurban: 

I love Christmas, I look forward to it every year from the beginning of November, and I always thoroughly enjoy to watch all the Christmas classics. This year, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse selection of movies on the Voyo platform, where I found Czechoslovak fairy tales and Christmas novelties from around the world. While baking, I always enjoy watching all the Christmas movies, and this year, the film "Christmas Perfection" on Voyo amused me. In 2024, I will try to face new challenges. My resolution for 2024 is clear. 
All things we long for lie on the other side of our fear. 

 Kristina Sverkunová: 

On New Year's Eve, I always watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and I plan to do it this year too, unless I'm tied up. 

Maggie Drahovská: 

Maybe on Voyo, I'll pick some of those Czech and Slovak films that I missed this year, and I will be watching Big Brother, too. 

Veronika L´áliková:

I traditionally enjoy whatever's on TV over Christmas. But if there's one thing I particularly can't get enough of, it's the Christmas episode of "Comeback - Heavy Christmas". This year, I'm in Ireland for the holidays, so while I'm immersing myself in the local culture, my Irish family will probably learn how to properly bake rum balls and vanilla rolls, all to the accompaniment of Mirek the hamster on Christmas Eve (Comeback-Heavy Christmas).

Sára Procházková:

During the holidays, my favorite things to watch are the cartoons I enjoyed as a kid. Shrek is definitely at the top of my list. Additionally, I love watching movies that make me laugh with my family, particularly classics like "Cosy Dens"  or the fairy tale "The Immortal Aunt" .

 Matúš Moska: 

I have several series that I've been planning to watch for a while, but in our family, it's a tradition to watch Czechoslovak fairy tales. The watchlist concludes with "Cose Dens." The next day, I usually choose a movie for the whole family to watch – but I haven't yet decided what it will be this year. I'm really looking forward to 2024; I can't wait to get to our fictional program on TVI, it's going to be great. 

 Matěj Škop: 

For Christmas, paradoxically, I watch non-Christmas things on Voyo. I don't enjoy traditionally-conservative fairy tales but rather prefer Czechoslovak classics. I plan to watch movies like "Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem" or children's films by Věra Plívová-Šimková. I'm looking for a different perspective on the holiday season, allowing me to enjoy Christmas differently than usual. 

 Ondrej Kačkoš:

What I love most about Christmas is that I don't have to do anything. This sentiment extends to watching TV - I enjoy whatever is on, fully embracing the linearity of TV. However, I will definitely watch all the Christmas stories. :)

Dominik Misák: 

I'll definitely be watching the Christmas episode of "Comeback," fairy tales like "Angel of the Lord," "The Incredibly Sad Princess," "Give The Devil His Due," but I'd also like to finally watch the Voyo series "Extractors." 

František Kotačka: 

I've started watching the Christmas film "O Night Divine" by Lucy Guadagnino (whose work I love), made for Zara, available to stream on YouTube. From Czech productions, I always like to watch "Return of the Idiot" (it has a beautiful vibe, and in the subtle moments, I identify with the main character). The world of non-fiction is represented on my list by "RuPaul's Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular." Merry Christmas! 

-Matěj Škop-