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"Pitches like those from international festivals." CCA students presented their final projects

"Pitches like those from international festivals." CCA students presented their final projects

At the end of the first academic year, students have an important task: to present the show they have developed. Their performance is then discussed by a committee composed of CME, TV Nova a TV Markíza executives and creative producers. The second student group successfully pitched their projects last Thursday. The committee was happy with the outcomes.

The first CME CA academic year has just ended for seven future showrunners. In the new cinema room of the Television Institute in Brno, they presented their projects prepared for the committee of CME, TV Nova and TV Makíza experts. Presenting the final pitch is a prerequisite for successfully completion of both academic years. 

The presentation session was introduced by Denisa Kubová, the CME Content Academy Lead, who thanked all committee members and TVI.  

 The first academic year focused on non-fiction genres, typically reality shows and documentaries. Having completed the theoretical and practical parts, students worked on their projects throughout the year. 

"I'm surprised at how confidently I managed it. I'm proud of myself and thrilled by the friendly vibe at the exams. However, one question from the committee surprised me," says Isabella Hurbanová after her presentation. 

Committee members often asked about the technical and production aspects of the project: they had questions about the budget, discussed the schedule for development and production, and also had comments about target audiences and sponsors. 

 The students' annual project has two purposes: one — to conclude the academic year with a great outcome, demonstrating what they have learned. Two — to simulate what it will be like when they pitch real projects in television. 

After graduation, the most talented students will be employed at Nova and Markíza, wherepitching will be a regular part of their work. 

Student Danny Souchů feels relieved after the presentation. "I expected the types of questions. Even though I anticipated one of them, I didn't have an answer. I was totally nervous at the rehearsal, but I know what to improve next time," shares student Danny. 

Students don't get marked for their pitches: a few weeks after the exams, they will receive a detailed table with evaluations from each committee member, as well as two verdict options: passed/failed. 

Kamila Zlatušková, the Television Institute Director, is happy with the presentations. "Students are gaining more and more confidence, whilst the projects are improving. There are lots of great people from CME CONTENT ACADEMY ADVISORY BOARD, and the discussion is insightful and effective," Kamila reflects. 


Many students improved their presentations until late at night. Student Matúš Moska admits that he was still editing a trailer. "I feel sleep-deprived. I've had several caffeine doses, but I feel I'm close to the point where it will start to wear off. Fortunately, I'm up next. I'm very excited that we have the opportunity to pitch our project to experts who will honestly tell us what they think," Matúš thinks. 

 The committee also praised Dominik Misák's reality show. 

"I rehearsed it several times at home in front of the mirror, but I was still nervous. However, once I get on stage, I calmed down," says Dominik. 

 "The first significant impression is that in just one year of study, people transform into really cool personalities. At first, a bunch of uncertain high school graduates who are shy to speak in front of us, and after a year they get such intensive school experience – both practical and theoretical – they end up being as good as this," thinks Lenka Szántó, creative producer at TV Nova, known for the spy series Extractors. "The pitching that took place today is comparable to pitches at international festivals," she believes. 

 Klára Brachtlová, CME Chief External Affairs, left the exams excited. "The first highlight I would mention is the diversity of topics students came up with. All genres were represented: from serious topics to real fun. And the second thing that thrilled me was the level of detail. Most students conducted very quality research, gathered data, and many even filmed a pilot. I didn't expect it to be so thoroughly elaborated," Klára praises. 

 She appreciates the quality of the outputs and the great motivation of the students, without which it wouldn't be possible. "I reckon that the selection of students was excellent. If a person lacks motivation, they can have all the care from mommy and daddy, from Nova and Markíza, but the result will not be as great," she says. 

 Members of the committee are already looking forward to the next exams, which will take place next Christmas. Projects from fiction production will be pitched by the first and second groups. "I'm looking forward to the next exams even more because I'm involved in fiction," says Lenka Szántó. 

 CME Content Academy currently has twenty students from three different groups. All three groups will start their classes on January 8th. The first two groups are entering their second, final year, in which they will take theoretical and practical training in fiction production, while the third group will face the non-fiction year, which the previous groups have already completed. The third group will also later pitch their projects from the non-fiction area. 


-Matěj Škop-