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How not to upset journalists.   Students experienced media training.

How not to upset journalists. Students experienced media training.

On Wednesday, CME Content Academy students were visited by Barbora Dlabáčková, the head of communication and spokesperson of TV Nova. She showed them how to effectively promote future projects, how to prepare for media interviews or handle crisis situations.

Scenario: Your film opens today. Tabloid publishes intimate photos of the main actress. How would you communicate with the public in such a situation? Students at the CME Content Academy were trained how to manage crisis communication. In future, they may be responsible for significant TV Nova projects in a few months, and similar situations happen easily. 

Barbora Dlabáčková talked to the studentsabout situations which content creators might encounter: from various scandals and short-term difficulties to minor misunderstandings. 

Dlabáčková also advised students on how to communicate effectively with journalists. She reminded them that the media are a suitable tool for promoting their projects. She emphasised the importance of not thinking about journalists as enemies, including tabloid media, which should not be avoided. "There's no need to be afraid of them," she emphasized. 

CME CA student also learned how to prepare for interviews with journalists. It's crucial to be ready for expected or non-expected questions, especially if they are unpleasant. It’s also important to speak clearly and briefly, and eliminate confusing answers. Dlabáčková also shared tips on avoiding situations that could irritate journalists, such as unfriendliness or arrogance. 

Simulations of journalistic interviews followed, where students asked each other challenging questions playing parts of the interviewer and interviewee. The other group tried to respond appropriately. It was evident from this practice situation that newspaper or television interviews should not to be just "recited" but require preparation. It is also important not to make things up and admit that you need to verify a piece of information. 

Barbora Dlabáčková also emphasized that it is determining for students to speak slowly in future media appearances. especially in radio formats, and avoid expressions with no meaning. 

Additionally, CME Content Academy students will attend training to prepare for the successful pitch of their projects. This training will take place in mid-March under the guidance of experienced speech coach Marcela Tomčíková. 

 Moreover, students also learn proper vocal technique and breathing with the actress Katarína Tlapáková at the Television Institute. 

-Matěj Škop-