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Luck favors the prepared

Luck favors the prepared

The students of the 2nd year are facing many crucial moments this year when they will persuade professionals at TV Nova and Markíza about the originality and viability of their project idea. Producers, who are inundated with piles of unread scripts from promising authors, each longing for a chance... these producers set the bar of quality very high. How to win them over and excite them about the idea the student has been working on all year?

The students are relying on preparation according to the motto: not only content, but also form decides ? And they have already completed their second intensive workshop with Marcela Tomčíková, who prepares the students to excel comprehensively: from the color of clothing, firm posture, voice placement, logical structuring of pitching, to argumentation in the final discussion.

Marcela herself has been a well-known face of TV Nova news for many years, but few know that her colleagues in television also go through her training in media communication, persuasive speech, argumentation, communication, etc.

Next week, the students will present their projects to incredibly strong professionals: Daniel Grunt, Silvia Majeska, Tuwiah Neustadt, Igor Draguzet, Evita Twardzik, Lenka Szántó, Monika Hasmanová, and others.

Luck favors the prepared. Yes, they will need it ?

Denisa Kubová

(HR Program manager & CME Content Academy Lead)