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The year of FICTION started well✌

The year of FICTION started well✌

A quarter of a year after the first-year students of the CME Content Academy defended their final projects, now seasoned "sophomores" presented completely new ideas last week in the amazing atmosphere of the cinema hall of the Television Institute in Brno. It was like shifting to a higher gear, but really swiftly?.

It was supposed to be like a Pitching rehearsal: students presenting their ideas for the first time and seeking feedback from the advisory board, lecturers, mentors, and their classmates in the audience - does their topic have potential, should they continue with it, or should they look for another plot, setting, or even genre? Because it's all about fiction, scripted content. For some, it's FINALLY?, because non-fiction - reality and entertainment formats - might not have suited them. For others, it's a big CHALLENGE - they shone in non-fiction and now want to repeat their victorious ride?.

13 students presented 13 new original ideas. From the lives of influencers, occultism, crime comedy, love stories, human destinies against the backdrop of a real natural disaster, gender issues... and guess what: not a single topic about World War II?.

We, the audience, didn't feel like it was "just a rehearsal" at all. There's a significant progress after more than a year of study. Ideas, healthy self-confidence, persuasive presentation skills, and readiness for argumentation - all of this made this first Pitching feel like an energizer for all of us. The year of FICTION started well✌.

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Denisa Kubová

(HR Program manager & CME Content Academy Lead)