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The only rule is not to be afraid and to do things your own way, advised by an acclaimed cameraman.

The only rule is not to be afraid and to do things your own way, advised by an acclaimed cameraman.

CME Content Academy students were visited by cameraman Martin Douba, known for his work on miniseries such as Iveta (1-3). He conducted an analysis of their visual style and recommended that they seek their own perspective on the artistic aspect of what they will create.

As students learn how to write scripts and direct actors, they also learn about other interesting creative professions. In addition to creative classes, they also take technical subjects. This time, cameraman Martin Douba came to talk to them about his work. 

The students also discussed how much traditional television audiences tolerate playful stylizations. According to Douba, the way forward isn't in maintaining the status quo, but in trying unconventional approaches to filming. 

Douba is responsible for series such as Iveta and To se vysvětlí, soudruzi. His visual works are characterized by distinctive stylization. He gave Iveta a style with vivid colors reminiscent of screen printing, while Soudruzi adopted exaggerated, dominant green tones. "I think if it were filmed in a conventional way, it wouldn't work," Douba opines. 

The cameraman urged students to maintain their own creative style, even when working on school projects. He believes that in their final project presentations, which include a short audiovisual trailer, each student's unique artistic style should stand out. 

"Find a reference. Something you like, and be inspired by the artistic side of your favorite series. Don't choose the same or similar approaches just because they're interesting. Do it because it makes sense," he appealed. "There are so many nice things, but there are very few good and smart things." 

He also added that there are no definitive rules for working with a camera. "Rules don't exist: the only rule is not to be afraid. And do it your own way." 

He advised students to prepare well for filming and to plan every detail. From good preparation, good improvisation can arise. "Filming is so demanding. You can't come up with anything during it. You have to know in advance why you're creating things that way," he advised. 

In the next class, students are tasked with presenting visually interesting series that have recently caught their attention. They will analyze why it captivated them and how it relates to the context of their project. In the following class, the cameraman will discuss lighting techniques with them. 

-Matěj Škop