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In CME Content Academy, Each Student is Guided by an Experienced Mentor: From the Perspective of a Student and a Mentor

In CME Content Academy, Each Student is Guided by an Experienced Mentor: From the Perspective of a Student and a Mentor

At the Television Institute, a new generation of talented showrunners is emerging thanks to the unique educational program CME Content Academy. This program, designed for young talents and future creators of television content, focuses on both theoretical and practical skills necessary for success in the dynamic world of television production.

From the Student's Perspective

As a student in this program, I have the opportunity to not only gain theoretical knowledge but also apply it in practice. The program offers a wide range of lectures and workshops where we meet industry experts who share their experiences and provide valuable advice. One of the main pillars of the program is the development of a final project that we work on throughout the year. This project is a crucial step in our professional growth, and the final defense of the project before a panel of experts is the culmination of our studies.

Developing the final project is a challenging yet incredibly enriching process. We work on it individually or in small teams, allowing us to focus on details while also learning collaboration. Throughout the process, mentors are available to provide feedback and help us overcome challenges. Thanks to them, we have the opportunity to view our project from different perspectives and better understand how to improve it.

The entire program prepares us for the real world of television production. We learn not only the technical aspects, such as screenwriting, directing, and production, but also soft skills like communication, team leadership, and conflict resolution. I am convinced that thanks to CME Content Academy, I will have a solid foundation for my career in the television industry and will be able to bring new and innovative ideas to the world of television entertainment.

-Matěj Škop

From the Mentor's Perspective

A mentor has several tasks throughout the study program, including developing the student's own show, the study itself, and ensuring the overall satisfaction of the student and their successful completion of the program.

At the beginning, mentors should primarily help the student orient themselves in the possibilities of their project and brainstorm with them about suitable formats and topics, which also involves researching existing shows. This phase is crucial as it helps students find the direction they want to take and understand the steps necessary for the successful development of their project.

Once the student has clarified the direction they want to take, the mentor helps them determine the necessary steps for the project to develop and progress, which are consulted with the students throughout the trimesters. The mentor assigns tasks that help develop the project and provides both feedback and a practical second perspective. Feedback is essential for students to continuously improve their project and bring it closer to its final form.

Additionally, the mentor discusses with the student any insights from lectures or helps with applying acquired knowledge to the development of their projects. They also train students in their presentation skills necessary for successfully passing their exams. These skills are crucial for their future careers as they enable them to effectively present their ideas and convince others of their value.

The mentor is a guide through the study program, whom the student turns to for questions about their studies and projects, as well as their satisfaction within the group, with the lecturers, and their overall quality of life. They strive to help find a balance between work and personal life, resolve any uncertainties and misunderstandings, and act as a bridge between students and lecturers. Trust between the mentor and the student is essential for the mentor to effectively support and guide the student towards success.

Overall, the role of the mentor in CME Content Academy is crucial for students to fully realize their potential and prepare for a career in the television industry.

-Daniela Rosa