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CME Content Academy student - Júlia Molentová

CME Content Academy student - Júlia Molentová

Post-war Czechoslovakia: A 25-year-old man injured a girl in a minor motorcycle accident. Authorities gave him a choice: Go to prison for your “crime” or join the Communist party and the incident would be forgotten. He joined.

            This man was Júlia Molentová’s family member, and his story became the basis for a script that earned Julia a place in the prestigious new CME Content Academy.

            “One of our goals is to give a voice to Czech and Slovak stories; stories unique to our culture and history – and Julia already shows that kind of promise,” said Martina Vlkovičová – Markíza Group.

            Julia is a 22-year-old from Revuca, Slovakia, who recently completed a bachelor’s degree in film production in the United Kingdom.  She is fascinated by films, and spends a lot of time analyzing every part of them –from special effects to wardrobe. She is particularly entranced by films from Czech and Slovak history.

            “It’s still very present in people’s minds,” she said. “My parents talk about the Velvet Revolution and my grandparents were the post-war generation.”

            Julia was considering getting a master’s degree when one of her family members called her about the Content Academy.

            “It was the day of the deadline, so I had eight or nine hours,” Julia said.

            That led to a mad scramble to fill out the application, write an essay and send in all the other requirements – including the script based on her family member’s story.

            “I got it in at 11:58 p.m.,” she said, “Two minutes before the deadline.”

            CME liked what they saw and Julia made it to the second round – an interview with several CME board members.

            “I was quite nervous,” Julia said, “but I walked in and saw very nice people.  It made me a bit calmer. At one point, I lost the plot and I was worried that I had ruined the interview. I just hoped it worked out.”

Clearly, it did work out, and Julia was chosen as one of only eight students for CME Content Academy – a school that will develop talented newcomers into the scriptwriters, showrunners and TV producers of tomorrow. CME, together with TV Nova and TV Markíza, created the CME Content Academy. The provider of theoretical education is the Television Institute, and the practical part subsequently takes place at TV Nova or TV Markíza, in order to not only train students in the television industry but also to provide them with the opportunity to work long-term for both broadcasters.

Julia had a taste of directing, producing, sound, camera work, writing, editing and post-production while getting her degree. She would like to eventually be a producer and director.  She says she has a knack for organizing and enjoys working with people and communicating with them. She also thinks a lot about how television and movies can influence and educate people.

“Lately, I’m into black humor,” she said. “When it’s well-executed it can be even more impressive and emotional to the viewers. I’d like to explore that, especially with historical subjects. Humor is one of the coping mechanisms.”

In five years, Julia hopes to be well-established with an industry TV show or film production. She thinks CME will help guide her steps and allow her to figure things out.

“I’m excited,” she said. “It’s going to be a different environment. I’ll gain new experience and knowledge in the TV world; and I’ll meet people who’ve been in the industry a lot longer than me.”

CME Content Academy removes the barriers to entry in the television industry, offering the space, time, and financial security to help students hone their craft, particularly in fiction, reality, and entertainment programming.