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Jump-Starting the Television Careers of Young Talent through the CME Content Academy

Jump-Starting the Television Careers of Young Talent through the CME Content Academy

Former executive producer Veronika Trčková, who spent 16 years working her way up in the television industry, has taken on a new mission to jump-start the television careers of talented young newcomers. She is one of the key players in the creation of the CME Content Academy, which opened last year, and is designed to develop young talent into the scriptwriters, showrunners, directors, and TV producers of tomorrow.

The academy was created by TV Nova and TV Markíza in association with The Television Institute and provides students with a fast track to success in the industry. Not only do students learn the ins and outs of the industry, but all successful students will be offered jobs with TV Nova or Markíza when they graduate.

Veronika, who has eight years of experience as the Executive Producer of Children's Programming at Czech Television under her belt, was eager to take on a new challenge. In addition to her extensive experience in producing, she also boasts a wealth of knowledge in areas such as marketing, financing, procurement, and advertising.

"I was always fascinated by education and development, and I wanted to create something from scratch," she said. "I felt really excited to cooperate with the Television Institute and be responsible to fulfill the expectations of the CME group."

Veronika began the process by conducting extensive worldwide research to identify the best practices in film schools and the most successful models in the television and film industry. Based on this research, she proposed a concept for the academy, including internships and CME Masterclasses. She received feedback from both internal and external sources, incorporated the feedback, and conducted a study to ensure the project's feasibility. She also created a comprehensive budget, took care of all legal and financial requirements, and developed a marketing communication strategy to support the enrollment process. Throughout the development process, Veronika closely monitored progress and continually evaluated the project to make any necessary adjustments.

The academy is open to talented young people who are 18 or older, even without a film degree, and offers TV Nova/TV Markíza scholarships. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and develop relationships with them.

"The internship allows students to build trust and connection and to work on developing and running TV Nova/TV Markíza projects," said Veronika.

The CME Masterclass within the Academy has been established to educate students not only to create highly engaging TV content but also to understand audience expectations and acquire the skills to secure sought-after positions within the industry. CME Content Academy breaks down the barriers of entry for young people in the TV industry and gives them the opportunity to be heard and create TV series that speak to their generation, now.

Author Andrea Bisconti