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6 Months at CME Content Academy gave me more than 3 years of studying in London

6 Months at CME Content Academy gave me more than 3 years of studying in London

Passionate about film and television, Matúš Moska has gone through many professions. However, he says that none of them was as intriguing as filming. "I exchanged a prestigious position in the bank for an opportunity at CME Content Academy," says Matúš, a CCA student...

Even though he often found himself in subordinate roles, complying with the most trivial tasks on set, he found meaning in it—more significant meaning than in many other professions with more prominent roles. "There's a sense of community. While you are doing something that makes sense, it reflects in the result. When one is doing a normal office job, it's so abstract that you don't know where the work ends. Here, it always ends at some point, and you see the very result," says Matúš Moska, a first-year student at CME Content Academy.

He compares filming to working in a kitchen, an experience he gained as a chef in a British restaurant. Everyone does their bit. However, he realized that gastronomy was not for him. "It's extremely stressful. But it’s different stress from filming. I like it when the work is diverse. If, during filming, you are not always in the studio, they get to see different places," says Matúš.

His first encounter with film was in high school. In his final year, he chose subjects, and among them there was a film studies course. "I was supposed to be an IT guy, but I wasn't good at math. I graduated in film studies. I disagreed with the teacher on almost everything, but discussions with him inspired me," says Matúš. He discovered a movie platform ČSFD, where he could find various perspectives on domestic and foreign production.

He decided to study communication in London. Despite offers from other fields, he felt that film and television would not become his job. However then: "I had an offer for a really good position in a bank, but I tried to apply to the Television Institute," says Matúš.

He applied twice and now speaks of absolute enthusiasm. Not only did his passion for film and television returned, but studying at CME Content Academy far exceeded his expectations. "The six months in Brno at the Television Institute, where the teaching takes place, and the subsequent internships at Nova and Markiza TV, were much better than the three years in London.There are 6 or 7 people in the class compared to studies in England, and in my opinion, we have better speakers at TVI," describes Matúš, whose dream is to make something similar to the mini-series "King of Šumava: Phantom of the Dark Region" on TV Nova. 

 "I am happy that the qualitative gap between television and films is getting smaller. In this sense, the series True Detective is a great inspiration for me, which, in my opinion, is better than many major films," says Matúš.

-Matěj Škop-