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The genre of reality shows is something I'd like to cultivate, says student Aneta

The genre of reality shows is something I'd like to cultivate, says student Aneta

It's not one of those stories with the main character having a childhood dream that they later happen to fulfill. She couldn't have anticipated just a few years ago, she would end up at CME Content Academy...

"I never felt close to television or film. I'm not from a culturally educated enviroment," says Aneta Želazková. 

 The twenty-four-year-old Písek film school graduate got into the Television Institute this June. Her path to the television industry is unconventional. "I studied chemistry at high school while nothing suggested I would take in this direction," reflects Aneta originally from Ostrava. 

 It's hard to find a field more distant from what she's doing now. She didn't want to continue doing chemistry, so she took a gap year. "I didn't know what to do with my life. I traveled a lot and enjoyed life. In the meantime, I applied to four different universities. I thought, let fate decide for me. Well, all of them said yes to me," she recalls. 

 She chose the school where she had the worst results in the entrance exams. "It was a challenge for me." 

 The school she attended was Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek. In her childhood, she attended a photography club, but otherwise she knew nothing about audiovisual disciplines. 

 What intrigued her were documentaries and ordinary stories around her. 

 During Aneta's studies, she learned a lot about herself. "On set, I transform into a more confident version of myself. Many people probably question me because I'm small and blonde-haired," Aneta believes. 

 During summer, she did a reality show internship and decided to apply to the CME Content Academy. "And it worked out. I would like to develop skills in working with non-actors. I'd like to find the connection between documentary and reality shows," she says. 

 Aneta gets inspired by the use of mix of genres and unconventional approaches. 

According to her, the reality show genre is moving from bizarre towards ambitious formats, where significant messages about our society can be told. Aneta's personal agenda is the position of women in society. "Even though it may not seem like it, there is still significant inequality between women and men in society," adds Aneta. 

 She also expects to help move the reality show genre towards greater sensitivity, ethics, and cultivation. 

 She praises the diversity of activities in CME Content Academy. "I like that there's something new every day in that work. Just like in school, we meet inspiring people every day. I'm very grateful for that," Aneta concludes. 

-Matěj Škop-