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The first school I actually enjoy, says Sára about CME Content Academy

The first school I actually enjoy, says Sára about CME Content Academy

Sára's journey to CME Content Academy led her through city of Tábor and city of Třeboň, where she studied. Eventually, she has gone through various twists and turned to get to the Television Institute. Although creative activities always attracted her, it's only now that she has gained the confidence to pursue her dream. "I feel like I'm learning things here that are genuinely important to me," says a CME Content Academy student Sára Procházková.

When asked to summarize her life so far, she promptly responds, "It hasn't been very long." Sára Procházková, a CME Content Academy student, was born in 2003. Writing and creative activities have always been her dream. "But after my parents' divorce, I stopped believing in that aspect," she admits. She describes herself as a bookworm. When she was younger, she was overwhelmed by books. "I always loved stories. And now, I think it pays off." 

She completed elementary school in Tábor, but studying tourism in Třeboň, as she says, "was incredibly unintriguing." 

 However, at one point, she got the opportunity to try something creative at school. When no one in the class wanted to take on the creation of the graduation video, Sára decided to give it a try. "I helped the cameraman and directed it a bit. I felt like I could improve if I dedicated more time to it. So I thought I could study it, but at the same time, I didn't know where to go to university," recalls Sára. 

The message about the existence of CME Content Academy came just in time. Getting into the course, Sára considers it the fulfillment of her dream. "My mom called me, saying she saw a commercial and that I should try it. I thought, why not? My dream is to write scripts," she narrates. "But I took the entrance exams about six months later because the Television Institute told me I hadn’t finished high school yet." 

According to Sára, CME Content Academy is entirely different from the schools she had attended before, elementary or high school. "The main difference is that I study what I actually enjoy. I like going to school. I especially appreciate that lecturers and people from the Television Institute treat students with respect. I commute from Veselí nad Lužnicí. It takes almost four hours by direct train. In my opinion, it's not much, and the journey is worth it. "Because of the school, where I feel like I'm learning important things that truly bring me something, but also because of Brno, as it is beautiful city," she adds. 

 -Matěj Škop-