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Our academy breaks barriers, says a CME CA student Adam Spodniak

Our academy breaks barriers, says a CME CA student Adam Spodniak

His journey involved sunny Spain and a little Slovak village. CME Content Academy describes his unique path towards realizing his passion for TV and video content creation.

"At 14 years old, I delved into videomaking for school projects, capturing moments from student elections to football games," says Adam Spodniak, referring to his early endeavour that ignited his creative journey. "From tutoring to working with Google, my diverse experiences eventually led me to pursue marketing communication. However, my heart was always set on TV and video content creation," he says. 

The defining moment came when a friend introduced him to CME Content Academy. "Feeling stuck in my life, Lucia changed my plans by suggesting CME CA. It resonated with my passion, and I decided to dive into the lively world of television production studies," he shares. 

 He adds his childhood is all about learning and developing myself in various new ways and searching for his passion. 

 Choosing Brno, a city celebrated for its vibrancy, the student expresses profound appreciation for the diverse experiences the program offers, with internships in cities like Bratislava and Prague. "The dynamic atmosphere and diverse opportunities keep us engaged," he notes, emphasising the program's commitment to offering students a rich and multifaceted learning experience. 

 Initially uncertain about diving into reality shows and non-fiction formats, his approach has changed after Adam had gained insights into the industry. "I can now see myself directing and producing these shows, bringing a positive impact with my vision," he shares. 

 What differs CME Content Academy from other schools, according to the student, is its emphasis on real-world practice. "Unlike traditional schools, our learning approach focuses on projects and presentations, fostering practical skills," he explains. The collaborative environment, personalized attention from experienced teachers, and hands-on experience in television projects contribute to a unique learning experience. 

 "With smaller class sizes, we receive dedicated attention from TVI, Nova, and Markiza experts. Evaluation is individualized, departing from conventional grading methods," the student notes, praising the academy's commitment to providing the best opportunities for students to blossom in the creative industry. 

 Reflecting on his journey, the student contrasts the academy's approach with his previous studies. "In traditional education, practical learning was rarely applied, ignoring my ability to fully express myself as a student. CME Content Academy breaks these barriers," he concludes. 

-Matěj Škop-