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Students can create the content of their study, says the CME CA student

Students can create the content of their study, says the CME CA student

It's a long way from Košice, he admits. However, he appreciates the fact that he finally has the opportunity to do what he enjoys.

Ondrej Kačkoš was born in Prešov, Slovakia. He spent nine months in London and now lives in Košice, a city in the very east of Slovakia, where he attended primary and secondary school. "I was involved in various activities, all of which were related to art in some way - I played the violin and later the guitar, danced in a children's folk group and attended an art school for several years. I have loved books and stories since a very young age, and I also was trying to write," recalls Ondrej. 

 He later decided to study marketing communication in Bratislava. "I remained happy with my decision because marketing skills are easy to use in many fields and also living in a new city was an interesting experience," he says. During his studies, he tried writing for a movie website, and he continues to write in his leisure time. 

 But life in Košice isolated him. He wanted to try to do something creative, but found out such opportunities were not available in Eastern Slovakia. However, thanks to his studies in Bratislava, he realized that these possibilities are not so far away. "There were no such opportunities in the East, because they were all in the far west, and I'm not just talking about Hollywood - even Bratislava seemed far away to me at the time. When I decided to study marketing communication in Bratislava I realized that the possibility to work creatively was real and that I'm much closer to her than I ever thought," he reflects. 

 He learned about CME Content Academy by watching a commercial in television. But he delayed the application because he wanted to finish his studies in marketing first. "However, the main reason why I finally decided to give television production a chance at CME CA was that I couldn't find a job in the field of marketing that I enjoyed. After completing my bachelor's degree, I therefore decided to focus more on what I've always liked movies and TV series," adds Ondrej. 

 Even though the journey from Košice to Brno usually takes 8 or 9 hours, Ondrej doesn't mind. "Thanks to my studies in Bratislava, I got used to spending time in the city where I study for a longer period of time and going home every once in a while," he says about commuting. 

 He would like to be a screenwriter, director or showrunner. But when he discovered during the internships how many different aspects of creation he had not yet discovered, he realized that he actually had a lot to discover yet. "Currently, I completed internships on the series Kriminálka Anděl and Ulice, as well as on the quiz show Na lovu," shares Ondrej. 

 Ondrej highly praises studying at the CME Content Academy. "But the biggest difference for me is the approach of the management, who discuss with us and try to adapt the study to our needs - so that we can get the most out of it. Even we, the students, have the opportunity to participate in discussions about the study and contribute to its improvement - that's something I haven't experienced at other schools," admits Ondrej. 

-Matěj Škop-