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From musicals to the showrunner's chair   Student Isabella decided to change her career

From musicals to the showrunner's chair Student Isabella decided to change her career

She was supposed to sing in the theater. Living in Prague, she studied musical acting at the drama school but realized that opportunities in this field were limited. Being twenty years old, she is among the youngest students at the CME Content Academy. "It's wonderful how we complete one other by being of different ages," Isabella says happily. 

Her grandmother told her about the CME Content Academy course after seeing a commercial on television. Isabella is modest when talking about her entrance exams. "I wanted a change. I wrote three papers of complete bullshit, and it just worked out," she describes her success of getting to the school. The school regularly accepts about ten students while more than a hundred applicants apply. She speaks of her engagement at the CCA as an "unexpected twist in life." 


For Isabella, the change from performance to a creative position does not seem paradoxical. She believes one role does not exclude the other. With humor, she says she wants to become a showrunner because she doesn't like to watch herself on tape and prefers to be behind the camera. "Both (musical acting and showrunning) are creative work, just from a different perspective. I felt so relieved when I got into this school because I hated following someone's orders and then watching myself on tape doing it. I think this role suits my character more. I am more of an organizational type and I have higher self esteem," says Isabella. 


Feeling more confident, especially after three-quarters of a year at the CME Content Academy, she acknowledges that it's hard to judge oneself at twenty. Being one of the youngest students, she appreciates that she can say there is still time for everything. 


However, she adds the challenge is that being underestimated as a younger colleague. "But I haven't noticed that in fact," says Isabella. 


She was born in 2003 in a Slovakian town of Malacky. She speaks Czech and Slovak with no accent. She learned Czech by listening: according to her, it was one of the conditions her singing teacher at the drama school gave to Isabella. Without fluent Czech, she wouldn't have succeeded in the Czech musical industry, she had said to her. "But I don't think it's so much about musical ear, you must listen very well," she admits. 


After finishing her studies at the CME Content Academy, she would like to try something she has been dreaming of lately, besides creating non-fiction formats. "I would like to try hosting the Televizní noviny (the main news broadcast of TV Nova)," she says with a laugh. "But reality TV still attracts me the most, because it reflects the image of our society," adds Isabella. 

 -Matěj Škop-