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My dream is to have a credit for a meaningful work, says student Dominik

My dream is to have a credit for a meaningful work, says student Dominik

He has many aspirations. In addition to planning to contribute as an author to projects for Nova and Voyo, he has rather unique wish. "I'm into music and would like to try composing something for a movie or series," says Dominik Misák.  He moved from theory to practice. In his university studies of Film theory, he wasn’t happy because he wanted to make films, not study them analytically. Then the opportunity to study at the CME Content Academy appeared. "Suddenly, the study got me involved in the crew and we have professional teachers which is great," says Dominik Misák, a student at the CME Content Academy. 

He tried the job at the shows "Souboj na talíři" (Clash on a Plate) and "Farma" (The Farm). "Both were great. In 'Souboj na talíři' we traveled across the republic and met various VIP guests. 'Farma' had a fantastic team and I experienced filming that lasted several months," Dominik appreciates. 

He liked that in 'Souboj na talíři' he could watch the creation of a half-scripted show, while on 'Farma' he learned the rules of a pure reality show. Having experienced nine months at the school, he most appreciates gaining contacts. If he needs to collaborate with someone on his own project, he knows whom to call. "I know many people now who work in film. If I needed a sound engineer, I could call people who would help me," says Dominik. "This works most usefully when creating the main project for the finals, which we present in January and then again a year later," he adds. 

Dominik is a fiction person. He plans to work on a scripted content, without being genre-based. "'Souboj na talíři' is half-fiction, half-non-fiction and I'm glad I could experience the work. It made me realize that I want to create something meaningful. Comedies and dramas that are clever," hopes Dominik, adding that the next academic year focused on a scripted content will be "crucial" and "even more important." His dream is to be credited for a meaningful work. 


He now prepares for the pitch of a nonfiction project, for which he is well-prepared. "We just had a dress rehearsal and it looks good," says Dominik. Apart from planning to create an interesting series for Nova or Voyo, he would like to try composing music for an audiovisual project. "I'm into music and intrigued by it. Hopefully, I'll try it sometime," he adds. 

 -Matěj Škop-