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I had to try it twice, but patience did pay off," says Danny about his CME CA studies

I had to try it twice, but patience did pay off," says Danny about his CME CA studies

He says he could take acting and presenting courses anytime. However, the opportunity to become a showrunner on television might not come around every year. Danny Souchů, a twenty-two-year-old CME Content Academy student, is happy he made that decision. "I'll fulfill my dream. And I can be a host for fun," says Danny. 

From time to time it's useful to give up the easy paths and choose the more complicated one. Student Danny from CME Content Academy doesn't have a life motto yet, but maybe one day it will sound something like this. His way that led to the TV Nova and Markíza course wasn't straightforward. "I graduated in graphic design and graduated in it. Between my junior and senior year, I got excited about acting and planned to apply for a drama school after graduation," says Danny about his original plans. 


He tried acting in extras and was also filed in a casting agency. "That casting agency mainly worked on international projects, so I used to be at English-speaking crews. It was a very valuable experience," adds Danny. He thinks extras have a unique opportunity to observe filming and see behind the scenes. 


"I enjoyed it and wanted to continue, but by the end of my senior year, I also became interested in television and the filming process. Maybe that observation inspired me," Danny laughs. 


He would often speak about TV with his family. They noticed his new interest. And thank goodness for that. His grandmother saw a CME Content Academy commercial back in 2022 and recommended to Danny he would find out more about the course. Then twenty-one-year-old Danny didn't hesitate and immediately figured it out. "But it's true that I did let the assignments for the entrance exams to the last minute, as is my habit. Maybe that's why I didn't succeed the first time," Danny reflects. "But then I tried again and as you can see, it worked out," he says. He now starts preparations for the exams he has in January. "We just had a rehearsal and it went well," he adds. 


Danny is finishing his first year at CME Content Academy, at the end of which he will complete his annual project. He will pitch his idea for a show to the executives. While he used to be in the role of a performer, now he wants to be at its inception. "I'm not nervous yet, but that will come on the judgment day," he says before the exams. However, he acknowledges that he has nothing to fear. At least in the presentation, he will use his hosting skills.