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He's forty and still studying. "Age is not an issue for me," student Zdeněk

He's forty and still studying. "Age is not an issue for me," student Zdeněk

How does a person suddenly switch careers in their mid-thirties? Many people this age claim that it's not worth it to make significant changes in their lives. However, Zdeněk Kurc, a CME Content Academy student, proves that it's never too late for a career switch. 

After all, he started in television as a boy, where his singing led him. "I've had a relationship with television since I was a kid. I sang in a children's choir and appeared on the programme Breakfast with Nova. I also sometimes recorded songs for films and cartoons," says Zdeněk, a man with red hair and a small stature. "Then I went to high school and worked in banks. It's analytical work, but not creative at all," he describes. He graduated from a business academy, where he hardly had any opportunity to pursue his creativity. He knew he wouldn't spend a lot of time at the bank as he was facing burnout. 

 However, he got to return to creative work. As he adds, he was brought to creative work, which is addictive. The idea of applying for a television course for young talents came to him by coincidence. "It occurred to me one morning over coffee, when a commercial for the CME Content Academy was broadcasted," Zdeněk recalls. 

In the group, he stands out as the only one born in the 80's. Many lectors at the Television Institute are younger than him. Is this an issue for him? "Not at all, although I sometimes present it that way. I think I have the same problems as my classmates, I only also have work and children," he describes. 

 Zdeněk who has three children and a girlfriend had to find a temporary job at a hypermarket, working afternoon shifts after school. He believes, however, that the price for his tight schedule will pay off. "It's not that difficult. When I'm interested in things, it's easy. Sometimes it can be exhausting to go to school in the morning and work in the afternoon, but I'm happy to be a part of CME Content Academy and I enjoy it," Zdeněk says. 

 At TV Nova, he would like to create a history show. "I enjoy screenwriting and production, at best I would like to be making miniseries like true crime on Voyo or some long-running comedy series," Zdeněk says, adding that he is grateful to his girlfriend and children for being supportive. 

​-Matěj Škop-