From a small town to the big TV world. "In my creative process, I want to draw inspiration directly from life," says student Lukáš

From a small town to the big TV world. "In my creative process, I want to draw inspiration directly from life," says student Lukáš

He smiles awkwardly at first. "When I read an interview with a celebrity, I always think how easy it is to answer questions, but in reality it's not easy at all," admits Lukáš Vlček, a CME Content Academy student. But he says he still has plenty of time to improve before he becomes famous. He still has a year to go before graduation.

"In my childhood, I was into dancing. My journey took me to television when I noticed the beginning of a dance competition. Initially, I thought dance would be my life career. However, everything changed," shares Lukas. As time went on, he realised that he would be more tempted to take an active part in the production of television than to "just" perform in it. At the same time, he realised that he would like to take on a leadership role. "I'm a perfectionist and I like to take the trouble to give people instructions," he adds with a smile.  

 When Lukas joined CME Content Academy, he expected to gain new experiences. However, the school exceeded his expectations. "The opportunities are absolutely incredible. Meeting people opens a lot of doors and I feel very optimistic," shares Lukas.  

  The 23-year-old man from Velké Meziříčí originally studied hairdressing in Prague and then graduated from the business academy. However, he realised that neither of these fields was right for him. His interest turned to the non-fiction genre. "I enjoy observing reality and providing entertainment. I do dabble in fiction as well, but I don't think non-fiction will leave me. My dreams go towards directing concerts and live shows. I enjoy helping to create shows and coming up with ideas for artists," says Lukas.  

  In school, Lukáš shows an active interest and demonstrates his curiosity. He is most excited about learning about reality shows. He has most enjoyed working on final thesis, where he has worked with actress Petra Bučková. "I am extremely grateful to her. I put everything into it. Maybe I got a little too emotionally involved and there were tears, but I had the chance to try everything. It's a field I would like to pursue all my life," the young student adds enthusiastically.  

  He confides that he believes that the 2nd year, with its focus on fiction, will give him the impetus to come up with non-fiction projects as well. He would also appreciate improving his writing skills. "My goal is to entertain people. And I plan to draw inspiration from my own life as well." says Lukas.