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Commuting to Brno is exhausting, but it's worth it, says Sebastian, a student at CME CA.

Commuting to Brno is exhausting, but it's worth it, says Sebastian, a student at CME CA.

"There's a new school at TV Nova," his father told him. Sebastian Bednář learned more about CME Content Academy and applied for it. "Dad knows I do enjoy this stuff and wanted me to have a normal job with normal salary," says Sebastian. 

Born in Germany in 1999, he spent a part of his childhood abroad. His father fled the communist regime. "As a child, I wanted to be an actor and I played in a few movies and commercials. My mom worked at Barrandov studios as a makeup artist, so I was always drawn to this industry," recalls the 24-year-old student. He admits he's not much of a study type. However, he graduated in Interactive Media Theory at Masaryk University in Brno. 

 Due to his previous study, he trained himself to commute to the Moravian capital because he is from Prague. He says: "Commuting to Brno is dreadful, but I'm probably used to it. Actually, everything in my life is in Prague, and it's hard to pursue relationships when I only have the weekend for it," says Sebastian, adding that the study is worth it, though.  

 But he knows studying at CME Content Academy involves common student-life troubles, similar to other schools. "I bought a car, but gas is hopefully expensive, so I still have to suffer among people on the bus," he jokes. 

 According to him, the CME CA course is different from studying at other schools because industry professionals teach here. "There's an individual approach towards students. That’s a real emphasis on how to do the job well," says Sebastian. 

 He hopes to make comedies or documentaries. He admits, though, he may see the impact of movies and TV shows a bit too naively. "In television, I would like to make documentaries or comedies. I have this cringe idea that if I make a documentary about something, the problem will change. I struggle a lot with that illusion. However, generally, there's a lot of topics, and I don't want to make documentaries all my life because I would like to go into fiction and shoot comedies," dreams Sebastian. 

 -Matěj Škop.